Julianne is a consummate professional.  As a consultant who travels a lot I needed someone to help me with admin and marketing.  I knew I was in over my head but I kept putting off hiring an assistant because I didn’t have time to onboard somebody, I didn’t have the space to give someone an office, and I didn’t have the work to guarantee them a certain number of hours.  Julianne is the perfect solution I didn’t even know existed.  She learned my business almost instantly, efficiently handles every task I give her, and regularly makes suggestions that improve my business and my bottom line.  I recommend Julianne without reservation to anyone looking to be more productive, more profitable and happier in their business.

~Mary, Professional Business Consultant


I have known Julianne for years and have worked in person and remotely with her on countless projects. She is the person I turn to for creative brainstorming sessions andfor handling the logistics. If you’re like me, you have grand plans to organize a volunteer or employee function (fundraiser, maybe, or an appreciation day) but little time and interest in addressing the countless details. I’m so lucky to have Julianne bring my ideas into the real world and make them happen. Best of all, she’s fun, smart, and someone with whom anyone can get along. Ah, if only I were a billionaire, she’d be my professional version of a kept woman.
~Lesleigh, Educator and Author


Julianne is a fantastic assistant! She helps make sure my office runs seamlessly. She provides fantastic customer service to my clients and irreplaceable help to me on every project we work on! I often forget that she does all of it from the other side of the country!

~Alex, CEO


Organized. Efficient. Reliable. Thanks, JW!!!

~Frances, Accountant


Julianne worked for my office for several years. Never was she without a smile and a solution to whatever challenge we were facing. I appreciate her skills, but also her heart. I recommend her to anyone who needs to add an awesome member to their team!

~Adam, Administrator


JW worked for our small company for only a few months – but in those months she helped us meet and exceed all of our production goals and streamline our processes. We miss having her speedy fingers and quick mind at the next desk!

~Paul & Jennifer, Entrepreneurs


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